Artist Applications

We are always looking for passionate and reliable musicians that can create high-quality songs.

If you’re interested in joining our team as an artist, please submit an application below.

Interested in joining Songly as an artist?


At Songly, we help people share their stories and memories through the gift of music.

We have the pleasure of crafting unique and personalized songs based off our gifters’ notes and do this with a team of dedicated and passionate artists. 

Through this memorable gift, we are able to provide paid work for our songwriting artists to use their musical talents, as well as promoting their own music and profile through our platforms and services.

Minimum Artist Requirements:

-Ability to write your own songs

-Ability to records full songs in good quality (does not have to be fully mastered, but sufficiently mixed). Please see example songs further below.

-Ability to meet the deadline

-We are a company with an ever-growing community of artists, so are looking for not only passionate and reliable musicians, but also cooperative and team-orientated individuals!


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