We work with a number of talented and diverse artists who specialize in a series of genres, from Acoustic Pop, to Country, to R&B, to Hip-Hop, to Rock, to Folk and more!

“There is no greater gift, than the gift of music!”



The foundation of Songly rests in our passionate musicians who truly believe everyone deserves their own song. It has been said ‘behind every favorite song lies another untold story.’ And what better way to bring yours to life than through a unique, one-of-a-kind personalized song?  


Our musicians have put years of energy, passion and experience into the songwriting, recording and mixing process and can’t wait to bring your stories to life too, through your own special song. 



Jem Pryse
Rap / Hip-Hop / Country / Folk / Acoustic Pop / Singer-Songwriter / Male

Jem is a singer & songwriter in Australia.

He possesses clean and mellow vocals, matched with some smooth and soulful instrumentals.

Jem’s love for a variety of genres has helped hone all his mixes into catchy, feel-good hits.

With plenty of experience gigging solo and in bands, Jem’s experience in the music industry ensures a polished and easy-listening custom song every time.

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