Custom Happy Birthday Song

Birthdays are Special. This Year, Make it EXTRA Special.


Give the personalized gift of a custom birthday song to your loved one.

Surprise them with a unique birthday song.

Transform feelings, memories and your love for them into an original piece of music with a personal touch.

It’s a gift they will replay and cherish forever.


For a Memorable Birthday Gift

Choose Songly


Our Custom Birthday Songs make people smile, laugh, jump with joy, and feel TRULY SPECIAL.
But that’s not all…

Here are more reasons to get personalized birthday songs from us:

Custom Songs By Professional Artists

Songly has a growing community of passionate and professional musicians with years of experience in songwriting, instrumentation, and recording. We work on every musical creation with passion— pouring our heart and soul into every song.


Our artists write your custom birthday song completely from scratch using only your notes! No templates, no pre-recorded choruses; completely brand new and personalized just for you. This is what makes our songs so special.

Undivided Attention

Our goal is happy customers. We do this by creating a ‘wow’ moment for their loved ones on their birthdays.

Our dedicated team of musicians works on your custom birthday song with complete focus and undivided attention to capture the essence of your special occasion and leave beautiful and lasting memories.

Pricing That Will Make You Smile

At Songly, we make you smile from the get go. We believe that the price tag doesn’t determine how special a gift is; it’s the thought that counts.

A personalized birthday song is a thoughtful gift. Just like you thought of your loved one, we think of you.
With Songly, you get a special gift at a special, budget-friendly price.

A Simple and Convenient Process

Our process is very easy and convenient.

1. Share Details
Fill our form with complete details such as:

What is the occasion?
Who is the song for?
Do you have special memories?
What kind of reaction are you hoping for?
How do you want the music to sound?

Anything else that is important to create a memorable song for your loved one.

2. We Get To Work

We put on our creative hats and start writing a custom birthday song for you. We craft the perfect lyrics that express your feelings, tell your story and share memories in the most captivating and engaging way. Your song is then recorded and mixed in the studio.

3. Your Song is Ready

Your song is available on a specially designed webpage for you to download, share, or turn into a physical gift.

Delivery in Only 5 Days

At Songly, we make the process simple and fast. It takes only five days for us to get your custom birthday song ready—that’s less than a week.

So, place your request at least five days before your loved one’s big day.
We promise that your special song will be ready to play and share with the birthday boy or girl on the day you want.

Let the Preparations for a Memorable Birthday Event Begin.

Place your request for a personalized birthday song today.

It’s for only $149 USD

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