The perfect song is one written just for you.

A personalized gift to last a lifetime.

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What is a personalized song?

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It’s a unique, full studio-recorded song written completely from scratch by a professional artist using your own stories, memories and feelings! Within just 5 days or less, our talented musicians produce an original, radio-quality song for any occasion.

Why choose Songly Studios?

At Songly Studios, we understand the power of music to capture emotions, memories, and stories like nothing else can. Here are just a few reasons why customers trust us to transform their cherished moments into timeless melodies:

Only $149USD

Unmatched quality and value

Experienced custom-song writers providing the most affordable, unforgettable full studio-recorded tracks in the industry.

No hidden fees for extra verses

All our songs match the standards of a radio-quality track at 3+ mins, with a commitment to quality and personalization.

Top-notch personalization

We pride ourselves on how truly personalized we make our songs, carefully written from scratch every time based off your unique story.

Finest musical talent to choose from

Choose from a curated selection of top-tier artists, worldwide. Professionally-vetted team delivering unrivalled quality.

Songs for ANY Occasion

How it works?

Getting started is a breeze. Just follow a few simple steps, and you’ll soon have a one-of-a-kind custom song to last a lifetime.

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Supporting Independent Artists

Turning Passion into Livelihood

1000s of magic moments created

In the vast expanse of the music industry, only a small fraction of talented individuals find themselves blessed enough to sustain a livelihood solely through their craft.

By ordering a custom song from Songly Studios, you’re providing talented and independent musicians the opportunity to transform their passion into a living.

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July's Featured Artists

Patrick James Clark
Acoustic Pop

Patrick James Clark, a prolific songwriter from Canada, has composed over 800 personalised tunes, showcasing his extraordinary dedication to the music world. At a very young age, he began his songwriting journey, recording numerous tracks and fostering a deep-rooted passion for writing and performing. His commitment was recognised when he secured a prestigious position in a renowned songwriting competition in the USA in 2021. Additionally, his collaborative songwriting efforts have led to a song breaking into the top 100 of the Billboard charts. Patrick’s vocals are distinctively smooth and soulful, drawing influences from a blend of folk, country, and acoustic pop.


Discover what our customers are saying about their experience with Songly

Artist: Lina Cooper (July 12, 2024)
Read More
Yessss! This is amazing! Thank you so much 🙏 I can’t wait for her to hear this. You guys rock!
Artist: James Franklin (July 8, 2024)
Read More
Wow! Needed the tissues. Please give our sincere thanks to all, especially James, who created the incredible 50th birthday. We played the song to the guests at his party on Saturday night and they were blown away! Most people didn’t realise you can have a song personalised in the way, so we told them about Songly.
Artist: James Franklin (July 6, 2024)
Read More
I listened to our song and it's perfect!! I love it so much.
Artist: James Franklin (June 15, 2024)
Read More
Thank you for such a wonderful song and having to sort through my large list of notes. You did a great job with so much info. I will definitely be ordering another song at some stage 🙂
Artist: Lina Cooper (June 20, 2024)
Read More
Thank you so much it's absolutely amazing it brought tears to my eyes listen to the song and watching the video with all our memories ❤️. You have done it so well... I can't wait to give it to my best friend and see her reaction 💕 💓. THANK YOU 😊
Artist: James Franklin (June 17, 2024)
Read More
Hello thank you for the song. It really hits the mark.
Artist: Ben Karklins (June 16, 2024)
Read More
I just wanted to thank you for the great piece of art. You blow me away. The entire track is awesome but your voice is another level.
Artist: Warren Hargraves (May 30, 2024)
Read More
Thank you so much! Love it
Artist: Ben Karklins (May 26, 2024)
Read More
Oh my wordie this is Amazing!!! 🤩 Thank you Team Songly and Ben, thank you very much for our song! You exceeded our expectations, especially since we didn't give you much to work with! Very special, thank you!
Artist: Jess Selinas (May 22, 2024)
Read More
I can’t put into words how this song has made me feel…..but I am so very grateful and happy you have the gift to be able to put my thoughts into words with this beautiful melody. I thank you with my heart and soul as I sit here crying with happiness and overwhelming emotion. Thank you for this incredibly beautiful song that will last our lifetime.
Artist: Connor Morand (May 10, 2024)
Read More
This is the second song I have had made through your business. I honestly never thought you could do it so good again. But I'm in shock. The song is amazing.
Artist: James Franklin (April 25, 2024)
Read More
Omg thank you so much. This song is beautiful. I love it 😍❤️
Artist: Patrick James Clarke (April 23, 2024)
Read More
I love it!!! Can’t wait to gift it to him! Thanks so much for such a special and personal gift.
Artist: Frizzell D'Souza (April 21, 2024)
Read More
A heartfelt thanks, and MASSIVE appreciation to Frizza!!!! X x x x
Artist: James Franklin (April 19, 2024)
Read More
Song is amazing and exceeded my expectations. I am really happy and really appreciate James Franklin for creating this lovely song. 😀😀
Artist: Araminta Beroukas (April 17. 2024)
Read More
My friend absolutely loved her song. Thank you!
Artist: Savannah Stone (April 15, 2024)
Read More
Omg! It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much. I can’t wait for him to hear it. I’m actually speechless. Finally can give the man who has everything the most perfect gift ever. Wow wow wow
Artist: Jimmy Harwood (April 13, 2024)
Read More
This is great, thank you so much for a good job well done. She loved the song and everything went according to plan She cried to it, thank you so much the SONGLY TEAM.
Artist: James Franklin (April 11, 2024)
Read More
Thanks, extremely delighted ……. It’s had 5 plays straight off the bat! Pls pass on my deep appreciation to James, love his voice and guitar work and clearly talented, it’s really a terrific outcome. I had no idea how this might play out ……. Started as an idea, your website made me believe it was possible. I trusted the process and here we are!
Artist: Ben Karklins (April 09, 2024)
Read More
Thank you so much! I absolutely love it! Very happy with how it turned out. Best present ever!
Artist: Jason Mackie (April 07, 2024)
Read More
I got the song for him and he loves it !! Thank you so much !!
Artist: Maddison Murray (April 05, 2024)
Read More
I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely song (and please thank Maddison). I was really happy with it and my husband loved it too!
Artist: Miranda Lee (April 03, 2024)
Read More
It’s frikkin perfect. 🤩 Thank you so so much! It’s damn catchy too, I keep singing it.
Artist: Alex Weybury (April 01, 2024)
Read More
Absolutely awesome I can’t wait to let her hear it!
Artist: Ben Karklin (March 31, 2024)
Read More
A big thanks for capturing the song that I wanted! It was played as part of my Father of the bride speech and it hit the spot. There were big smiles, laughter, tears and the message of the miracle of two really shone through. We were able to add in a couple of wedding photos on the day which blew everyone away. One of the best days of my life walking my daughter down the aisle and a song that will always be in our hearts forever.

Uniquely Presented

A gift to last a liftime.

Gift Box + QR Card + CD Pack (Add-on)
Song Delivery Webpage (Included)
Photo Slideshow (Add-on)


Our one-of-a-kind, full 3-4 minute studio-recorded songs cost $149USD. They are written completely from scratch by our professionally-vetted team of artists. 

Within 5 days you will get an email advising that your own personalised webpage is ready where you can download and share your song easily! With our add-on options,  you are also able to select whether you would like to receive a gift box with your song on a CD and scannable gift card or a photo slideshow!

We work with a number of passionate and diverse artists who specialise in a series of genres, including:

  • Acoustic Pop
  • Country
  • Rap/Hip-Hop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Indie/Folk

You are able to select your preferred genre/s when ordering your custom song, along with the song mood and vocals!

As all our songs are created completely from scratch using your submissions, there is no way to listen to your song before you purchase, however you can listen to our song examples to get a great feel for what to expect!

Once you submit your order, we begin writing and professionally recording your personalised song immediately and have it ready within 5 days!

*Please note the add-on gift box + CD option is delivered separately, so this is not included in the 5-day delivery time (approx. delivery time is within 7-10 business days of song being published online).

Our aim is to create a personalized song that exceeds your expectations and that happens nearly every time on the first pass, as our passionate songwriters use your submissions to craft a special song from scratch. If something has been pronounced incorrectly or a detail has been misinterpreted, please contact us and we’ll be able to alter this at no extra cost!
We understand just how important it is to receive a song that is special to you, so in the rare circumstance you are unsatisfied with your final product, we do offer the option to make revisions at a small fee, in order to compensate our artists for their work and time.
Please contact us in order to submit revisions and request a quote. But we are confident you’ll be blown away by your final song!